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How to Be a Good Driver

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A person who doesn’t know how to drive well is a hazard on the road. If you don’t want to be the cause of accidents, it’s your responsibility to learn and master the driving laws of your locality, as well as the techniques of defensive driving.  

Changing your driving habits and following road etiquette is very important. It makes you a respected driver and you also do your share in preventing accidents on the road. Breaking traffic rules is not a minor infraction because it becomes a big issue when somebody gets hurt.  

How to be a Responsible Driver 

If you really want to be a responsible driver, then you have to in a driving school. Find a Lowell auto school that offers beginner and advanced driving lessons and enroll in whatever category that you think you belong to. Having a driver’s license doesn’t mean that you’re already a good driver. Like in many other things, one should never stop learning.  

Arm yourself with the necessary knowledge to ensure your safety while on the road. One driving mistake can claim your or someone else’s life. You don’t want that to happen. You want to avoid accidents and you certainly don’t want to cause one.  

Basic Driving Skills that You Should Learn  

Enrolling in a Lowell driving school allows you to learn a lot of things, and the most basic of which is learning how to use your signal light appropriately. Do not turn or swerve without turning on your signal lights. On the other hand, never turn on your signal lights if you don’t have any intention of turning.  

The mistake of failing to turn on your signal light or turning it on improperly can cause either an accident or road rage. If you fail to use your signal light properly, then you’re confusing the drive behind and in front of you. They won’t be able to react correctly and that’s when problems occur.  

Be Alert When Driving  

Driving is a task that requires your full attention. Don’t drive if your sleepy or drunk because you might miss one important detail on the road, which can cause you a lot of harm. If you fail to see one pedestrian, scooter, bicycle, or motorcycle that is sharing the road with you, then you can get in a lot of trouble.  

To make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings, be sure to check your blind spots using your side and rearview mirrors. Checking your side and rearview mirrors before doing anything will prevent a lot of accidents. Be sure to adjust the mirrors to the right angle from your view to make sure that you don’t have any blind spots.  

Be Courteous 

Lastly, all drivers are required to be courteous when on the road. That’s the very basic skill that you will learn if you enroll in a Billerica auto school. Road courtesy is not an option. It’s mandatory. Always remember that the road is not for your own exclusive use. You have other drivers to share it with and you must give them proper regard while driving.  

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Reasons Why People Get Involved to the Road Troubles

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Road accidents could be avoided but not to the extent that you could change things as some people drive too fast of their car and they could hit you there. You could know this when you go to the Lowell auto school and studied the different kinds of road accidents and the reasons on why this one is happening often. Even if you are standing inside the restaurant or enjoying a cup of coffee in your garden when a car accidentally crashed to your property, then you might be injured. Some people would say that we need to be careful but even you are very careful and trying to get rid yourself from the accidents, we can’t go away there.  

It’s common that the problem could be about the driver and there are a lot of reasons on why it is happening and why you need to be more cautious. We have to be sure of the engine of the cars as well as sometimes they are the one causing the trouble on the road like malfunctioning in the system. In this way, we need to reminded about the different things as it helps us to lead in a better way and avoid involving in a serious type of accidents. Even you are driving in a country side or in a wide area, there could be a chance that you might get yourself into trouble like hitting the lamp post.  

We are going to dig a little deeper about the different kinds of reasons that we normally hear from the drivers or the victims when they meet a road accident 


There are times that drivers would have a hard time to control the car and they don’t have any knowledge on how to make things better while on the road.  


In most of the countries, it is illegal that people who are going to drive the car should not drink any kinds of beers as it may result to accidents. Sometimes, people are not on themselves and they are trying to crash their cars to the post or even to another car while they are driving on the way home.  


It could be avoided if you are going to check and inspect all the parts and you would pay attention to the right tires of the car. Make sure that you would have enough time to do this as this could be the cause of troubles to other people.  


You should avoid and try to follow the guidelines when it comes to the right speed that you need to set for that specific place.  


Not paying attention as you are calling someone is one way of breaking the rules of the Billerica auto school 


People should walk and cross the street on the right lane and you should know this one as well from the Lowell driving school 


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Tips to Remember When Driving In School Zones

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When you are around areas like playgrounds, parks, and schools, you have to make sure that you drive carefully and slowly at all times because kids might unexpectedly run into the street. Make sure that you completely understood and adhere to the directions of crossing guards and school safety patrols. If you don’t know the regulations concerning school zones, Lowell Auto School will provide you a few tips to keep in mind to secure the safety of the children as you drive on the road while passing by a school: 

Identify school zones 

The main rule you should keep in mind as a driver regarding school zones is that you should know about them. Nearly all school zones are led by several speed bumps, flashing lights, and warning signs. All of these things are there to make sure that the drivers will be reminded that they are about to pass a school zone. Also, pay attention to the road and focus your mind while driving always. Depend on 

Reduce your speed 

A sign indicating that you have to reduce your speed limit is one of those warning signs as you approach a school zone. This speed limit can be below 10-15 miles per hour, which depends on what kind of roadway that particular school zone is in. Nevertheless, the school zone’s speed limit would be particularly lower compared to what’s posted on some places of similar roadway. You must know when you will be approaching a school zone for you to acquire some time to limit your speed without instantly hitting on the brakes too late.  

Anticipate heightened traffic 

It is expected that the traffic will be increased nearby school zones, particularly between 7-9 AM and 2-4 PM because these are usually those time when buses and parents will be picking up or delivering kids to/from school. If you drive around those times, make sure that you drive carefully and slowly to keep the parents and kids safe. 

Follow policemen, traffic officers, and crossing guards 

In school zones, crosswalks are usually managed by crossing guards. These are the individuals who have the legal right to pause traffic to allow parents and students to safely cross the road. You could also observe traffic officers, who take precedence over any traffic signals or signs that usually manage the vicinity and take over the increased traffic during afternoons and mornings. Ultimately, the police officers frequently place their vehicles near the school zone perimeters as an additional safety measure. So, if you can see a police car or flashing lights in a school zone, that could be an indication that there are students within the area.  


 Those are only a few of many tips you can get from Lowell Driving School. If you want to know more information or if you want to enroll in a private driving school Lowell MA, visit our website now. You can also contact us directly through our designated phone number, which can be located on our site, and our representatives will respond to your inquiry any time.  

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