What’s the Difference between Microblading and Eyebrow Tattoo?

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Our eyebrows play an important role in the face’s aesthetics. The symmetry, fullness, and shape of the brows all work together to frame the upper face and highlight the eyes. If you have patchy or thin eyebrows, there is a non-invasive treatment could immediately enhance the eyebrow area—microblading. 

Microblading is a well-known technique for eyebrow enhancement that improves the thickness, definition, and shape of the brows. The microblading technique utilizes specialized hand-held equipment that has small blades to deposit dye into the skin’s second dermal later, which makes very fine strokes that imitates the appearance of natural hair of an eyebrow. Usually, people think microblading eyebrows Seattle is a kind of tattoo. Even though the techniques might seem the same, eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow are two different things. The following are 3 major differences between eyebrow tattoos and microblading: 

  1. Natural-looking outcome

Microblading makes a more natural look outcome than the eyebrow tattooing, which leads to brows that look flat and “drawn on.” This is due to the microblading technique that makes individual strokes that are hair-like and similar to the hair growth pattern of the surrounding eyebrow hair. A great technician could do treated areas appear like a denser version of the natural hair of the eyebrows. 


Ink vs. Pigment 

Tattoo ink is utilized for eyebrow tattooing. Meanwhile, microblading utilizes a specialized pigment. Ink greatly varies in terms of pigment in the manner it fades over time. While the ink of the tattoo fades, it usually creates a blue-green colored tint, particularly around the edges of the tattoo. This could leave people to have weirdly colored brows that frequently appear as though they were made with a sharpie. On the contrary, the pigment of microblading is particularly designed to fade into a lighter version of the used color, which enables the patient to retain his/her brow’s natural appearance.  


Permanent vs. Semi-permanent 

Eyebrow tattoos are permanent. When the ink is tattooed onto the skin, it will be there for a lifetime (though unwanted fading of the ink as previously mentioned is probable). This is very dissimilar from microblading, where the results usually last for nearly 6 mos. To 1 year. A simple touch up treatments could be done yearly once the patient wants to maintain their improved eyebrows. Microblading’s semi-permanent nature enables patients to change how their brows appear as trends change. This is a pro for those who want to keep up with the ever dynamic beauty trends. If you want to achieve those upcoming trends, then microblading would be your greatest option.  

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